Ok... So, WTF is this?

This is a little project I've been thinking about for a while. I see people posting lots of tech questions on various sites... wanting to know how to do or create various things on the internet. Often, I think I can help but just haven't put the time in to write anything for them. Sometimes I myself want to know something or to learn about something I've never tried before. I can find the info I need but its often spread out between many different sites... It would be nice to have some of those things brought together into one place.

Certain topics can be pretty hard to find clear info on. I decided to start writing tutorials about the ones I find most interesting and/or the hardest to find clear info on. There are already a lot of resources out there but many of them assume you already know what the writer is talking about. I want to try taking some relatively advanced topics and make them work for beginners. It can be hard to dive into new things when you don't even know where to start. I'm hoping I can help some people with that by introducing them to these topics from a zero knowledge starting point... or at least pretty close to it. I do make the assumption that you know how to use a computer to access the internet, that you can download and install software... and that you want to learn something.

What makes me qualified to teach anyone anything? Well... really just the fact that I'm willing to try. There are plenty of people out there who know a hell of a lot more than I do about most of the topics I intend to get into. I'm just doing it in a different way... my own way I suppose. Ultimately this site is an experiment... to see how many people I can help. Continuing efforts on my part will be based on the response I get. I'll try to add a link to discuss various things on other sites where applicable. I don't intend to create much of a discussion area on here so I'll probably be using reddit for most of that. Check the end of each tutorial or article for a link to the discussion.

tl;dr: I think I can help some people learn some things and I'm giving it a shot...

Current tutorials: