Part 3: Create your first droplet...

Back in the DigitalOcean browser window, click the big green "Create" button...

From top to bottom...

  • Enter a host name. For the purpose of this tut, it really doesn't matter what you choose. Just use something significant to you. I opted for "zombizu" because its the first bit of the onion address I intend to use.
  • Select droplet size. (512mb | 1 CPU etc) I'd start with the smallest. Even if I intend to create larger droplets in the future I always make the image as a tiny one first and just scale it up later as needed.
  • Select region. I've seen no real data on what makes one better than the other. Some people claim that performance is better in certain regions but I haven't done any testing of my own to determine if this is true. I'd usually suggest picking a region closest to your main target user base but since we're talking about TOR here that doesn't really matter much.
  • Select image. For this tut I'm using Debian 7.0 x64. It should work on Ubuntu with no changes... May require a few slight modifications for the others.
  • SSH Key. If you created an SSH key you can select it here. I ended up naming mine "stuff" for this tut. If you didn't make one or don't want to use one just ignore. You will be emailed a password after the droplet is created.
  • Settings. By default it will select VirtIO in most regions. Don't change anything here for this tut.

Once you're all set... click "Create Droplet"

How long this takes is based on how busy the region you selected is and what options you chose on the last page. It shouldn't take much more than a minute for the example I used here. Once its done you'll be forwarded here: